Monday, June 11, 2018

Back to the Airship at Last

The Portal

Fiesty Lotus: “Oh my, that there were an experience.”
Fiesty Lotus: “I ain’t never seen a goddess before.”
Fitheach Eun looks at the portal intently.
Fitheach Eun: “Savage can you draw those runes again please.”
Talia Sunsong: “I wanted to pet the big kitties but I'm afraid of the iron bars.”
Fiesty Lotus grins "Them big kitties might like you a bit too much.”
Fitheach Eun: “Those iron bars can hurt fae.”
Talia Sunsong: “I'll give the big kitties cat nip.”

Big Kitties

Savage draws the runes, then pulls off his spectacles and sets them on Rorn's nose.
Fiesty Lotus looks surprised.
Fitheach Eun paints the runes carefully in reverse in the air.
Savage keeps looking back towards the cages.
Fitheach Eun: “Can Rorn see the runes, too?”
Talia Sunsong: “Rorn, draw the runes in the dirt with your paw.”
Talia sets the baby dragon on the ground. The spectacles balance on his nose. "Go ahead Rorn. Look at the portal."
Rorn paws at the dirt, drawing a crude rendering of a rune.
Fitheach Eun smiles at the little dragon: "Good job Rorn."
Rorn smiles.
Fiesty Lotus grins "A little scholar."
Fitheach Eun: “Let's go everyone before those guards find us.”
Fiesty Lotus: “Right.”
Talia Sunsong picks Rorn up and hugs him.

Rorn Wears the Spectacles

Savage gazes proudly at his son.
Everyone rushes through the portal and stumbles out into desert and the old house they had seen before.
There is a popping noise and Talia feels the dizziness of going through the portal.
Talia Sunsong gazes around at the beauty of ancient Egypt.
Fiesty tries to hurry them to the next portal, remembering what occurred there.
Talia Sunsong: "Hey, am I still revered as a goddess here?"
Fitheach Eun looks sternly at the fae: "No more goddess nonsense."
Talia Sunsong: "I still want cream."
Fitheach Eun: “Savage or Rorn can you draw these please.”
Talia Sunsong grumbles.
Fiesty Lotus: “Lets jest get back ter the airship dear.”
Talia Sunsong sets Rorn onto the ground. The little dragon paws the dirt and draws more runes.
Talia Sunsong: "He's getting better at this. Good Rorn.”
Fitheach Eun scowls a bit at the runes but manages to decipher enough to draw them in reverse.

Talia at the Egypt Portal

Fitheach Eun smiles at everyone; "OK, let's go home."
Fiesty Lotus: “That be a good idea.”
Talia Sunsong: "Is there food there? I'll go then."
Fitheach Eun: “There is food on the airship, Talia.”
Talia Sunsong wonders if she is sick of airship food. "Is it all canned? Maybe we should eat here."
Fitheach Eun pushes Talia towards the portal.
Fiesty Lotus: “We is goin, right Savage?”
Talia Sunsong "Eeep!" falls through the portal.
Fitheach Eun: “Don't forget Rorn.”
Rorn flies after Talia, through the portal.
Fitheach Eun walks through last and feels the moment of disorientation.
Talia Sunsong: winds up inside the cave, next to the portal.
Fitheach Eun stumbles through and is glad to see Can waiting.

Can is Waiting

Talia Sunsong: "We made it!"
Fiesty Lotus: “Ayup".
Can shakes his head: "That certainly took a long time."
Fiesty Lotus: Good work Druid Fit, Savage and Rorn.
Savage looks around glumly and thinks about the big cats.
Talia Sunsong: “Me too!”
Talia Sunsong thumps chest. "Good work me too. I did something, didn't I?"
Talia Sunsong tries to think if she did anything.
Fitheach Eun takes Can's arm and whispers: "Talia thought she was a goddess."
Can rolls his eyes.
Fiesty Lotus: I am as hungry as a hobbit on a diet, Let's go home.
Talia Sunsong: "Food! Yes food!"

Home at Last

Sunday, May 20, 2018

When in Rome

Where are we?

Fitheach.Eun steps away from the portal in confusion and looks around
Fitheach.Eun: "Where are we?"
Fiesty.Lotus exits the portal and stares about her
Talia.Sunsong: "Am I considered a Goddess here?"
Fiesty.Lotus: “It ain't where we were supposed ter be.”
Talia.Sunsong: looks around the rock walls
Talia.Sunsong: "No Cream here"
Fiesty.Lotus: “I do think we outter study them runes more.”
Savage.Taurus: “Where were we supposed to be going?”
Talia.Sunsong: "They look like squiggles to me."
Fitheach.Eun: "We should be back at the cave. They are the same runes we used on the other side in that country where you thought you were a goddess..."
Fiesty.Lotus: Back ter the airship I thought

We Should be Back at the Cave

Fitheach.Eun sighs: “We should be back at the cave.”
Fiesty.Lotus shakes her head.
Fitheach.Eun: "We obviously have more to learn"
Fiesty.Lotus: Ayup
Talia.Sunsong: "I figure my brain is full. Do I have to learn more?"
Savage.Taurus: looks around, "This aint no cave. Looks like some pretty advanced engineering, I'd say."
Fiesty.Lotus: You be fine - fer a Fae...
Talia.Sunsong: "I'm a fine Fae."
Fiesty.Lotus: You are.
Savage.Taurus: I bet these people have some good food.
Fiesty.Lotus pats the Fae on the arm
Fiesty.Lotus: So- food do sound good.
Savage.Taurus: All that walking around has made me hungry
Talia.Sunsong: "Food! Yes!"
Fitheach.Eun steps back in surprise as a sylph appears

A Sylph Appears

Savage.Taurus: Oh geez, another freakin' faery?
Talia.Sunsong: huh?
Sylph: “Lady, she cries out; you must help her! They have her imprisoned!”
Talia.Sunsong: "Who is imprisoned?"
Savage.Taurus: They who?
Fiesty.Lotus: Yeah, that
Fitheach.Eun: shhhh, sylphs are not the brightest things...
Fitheach.Eun: “Who must we help, my dear?”
Talia.Sunsong: "But Fae are geniuses..."
Savage.Taurus: grumbles, "I don’t know. Sounds like a good way to get ourselves imprisoned too...and I just want something to eat"
The sylph stammers out: "The great one; goddess of knowledge. They have trapped her here and set up their own goddess in her place.”
Savage.Taurus: Is she the imprisoner or imprisonee?
Fiesty.Lotus: Oh my, That ain't right
Fitheach.Eun: “No it's not.”
Savage.Taurus: muses, "Interesting that imprisoner and prisoner are opposites..."
Talia.Sunsong: "How good is she? Does she do favors?"
Fiesty.Lotus: Awww Talia
Savage.Taurus: Oh good question, Nanny

You Must Help Her!

Fitheach.Eun: “Talia; it does not matter about that. What matter is that she is unjustly imprisoned"
Savage.Taurus: How do we know its unjustly?
Fiesty.Lotus nods
Talia.Sunsong: "That is so complex. I take the simple approach. Do we get a reward for freeing her?"
Fiesty.Lotus: “Cause goddesses gotta be free.”
Savage.Taurus: Yea, I'm with the Nanny on this one
The sylph looks rapidly from person to person..."Why can you all see me?"
Fiesty.Lotus: Don't know- we don't even know where we are.
Savage.Taurus: Yea, where is this place?
Fitheach.Eun: Two of us are druids, one is fae and he, Fit looks at Savage, is a dragon in disguise."
Fitheach.Eun: "Of course we can all see you."
Talia.Sunsong: "Fae can see Fae."
Fitheach.Eun: Dragons can see all
Savage.Taurus sighs, "I'm almost starting to forget my true self. Can this goddess help me change back to my normal form?"
Fitheach.Eun:  Where is this goddess?
Talia.Sunsong: "I'll follow you if it means food later."
Savage.Taurus: though if she can’t free herself, how good of a goddess can she really be?
The sylph darts off and everyone follows
Fitheach.Eun peeks around the corner at the two guards

Fearsome Guards

Fiesty.Lotus: Ohh. They be a bit fearsome
Fitheach.Eun: they do...perhaps they need a nap though
Fitheach.Eun rummages in her bag: " Now where is that Valerian..."
Talia.Sunsong: peeks around the corner and sniffs "I smell tiger."
Fiesty.Lotus: Yes, there be a beast here
Fitheach.Eun whispers to the Sylph: Take this and drop it into their goblets while they are not looking
Talia.Sunsong: whispers "Here, kitty kitty."
Savage.Taurus: sniffs the presence of cats and feels his stomach rumble
Talia.Sunsong: Rorn pops his head up and sniffs the air. He smells cat

Big Cats

Talia.Sunsong: Rorn launches himself out of Talia's arms and flies down the dungeon hallway.
Savage.Taurus: so they do have food here after all...I haven’t had feline in a long while
Fitheach.Eun: The two guards jump and look startled as he flies by
The sylph darts out and drops the herbs into the goblets, stirring them in
Talia.Sunsong: whispers "yay, Fae"
The guards look at each other mumbling I need a drink
Savage.Taurus: distracted by his hunger, "hmmm that little one looks tasty..."
Talia.Sunsong: watches Rorn move out of the guard's sight, up to the ceiling, where he hangs upside down
Fiesty.Lotus: Nope. No eaten the kittys
Each guard quaffs the entire goblet in one gulp
Fiesty.Lotus: They be necessary in this history
Savage.Taurus: growls at the pesky hobbitess
Their eyes glaze over and they stagger dropping the goblets and slowly sinking to the floor fast asleep.

Sleeping Guards

Fiesty.Lotus: Not pleasent, but necessary
Talia.Sunsong: feels thirsty watching the guards drink
Talia.Sunsong: whispers "Lucky guards, get to drink and sleep on the job."
The cell door flies open and a majestic woman stalks out
Talia.Sunsong: "Hello. I was a Goddess once for a few minutes, until Horus threw me out of his temple."
She looks at the refugees and smiles
Savage.Taurus: rolls his eyes at the fae
Athena then gives the fae a quizzical look
Talia.Sunsong: "They thought I was Isis."
Talia.Sunsong: nods at her wings
Athena: Thank you for freeing me; they wish to put their own goddess Minerva in  my place and thought to keep me imprisoned
Savage.Taurus: mutters, "She definitely a pain in the isis.."
Athena: I will return to Greece and leave them to their paltry goddesses

The Goddess is Free

Fiesty.Lotus: So now yer free?
Athena: but first I must thank you
Talia.Sunsong: "Do we get cream and a favor now?"
Athena: “What do you need the most?”
Savage.Taurus: Do we get a reward or something?
Fitheach.Eun jumps in: " We need to know how to make the portal take us back where we came from."
Fiesty.Lotus: We wanna know how ter use them portals.
Savage.Taurus: Just one thing? Or do we each get something?
Talia.Sunsong: is overwhelmed by the question what does she need or really want the most. "Cream, shiny objects, way to get home, Rorn nanny lessons..."
The goddess sighs and looks at the only two who made sense
Savage.Taurus: I just want to be a dragon again
Athena: You must reverse the runes to go back
Fiesty.Lotus taps the Fae on the shoulder:  "Take it easy, one thing at a time"
Fitheach.Eun: That is all it takes?”

What Do You Need the Most?

Talia.Sunsong whispers: looks at the hobbit, "but I want lots of things.
Athena: And you will find another portal here if you visit the temple of that imposter
Fiesty.Lotus smiles:  "Yer want to be able ter get to em first."
Talia.Sunsong: "Where does that portal go? Will I be a goddess there?"
Fitheach.Eun bows slightly: "Thank you, gracious one."
Fiesty.Lotus bows also.
The freed goddess flies off suddenly towards the east
Fiesty.Lotus sighs
Fitheach.Eun looks around: " We had better be gone before they wake."
Fiesty.Lotus: So much fer goddesses….
Fiesty.Lotus: Ayup
Savage.Taurus: sighs as he watches the goddess fly away without granting his wish
Talia.Sunsong: "I wonder where that other portal goes?"
Fitheach.Eun: Shall we go before we are captured?
Fiesty.Lotus: yup
Talia.Sunsong: "Let's go. Fae and iron bars don't get along" shudders
Fitheach.Eun: Let's find Can and Saphira and try the portal again?
Talia.Sunsong: nods
Savage.Taurus: follows along, glumly
Talia.Sunsong: "Come down, Rorn!"

Let's Go Before They Wake Up.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beltane 2018 in The Grove

The Grove is Ready for Beltane

Rorn: chews on Talia's hair wreath
Fitheach Eun: Welcome everyone.
Fitheach Eun: Tonight, we light the fires of Beltane; the celebration of new life and new growth.
Fiesty Lotus: Beltane is here!
Fiesty Lotus: It is a time when the earth is fertile and full.
Talia.Sunsong: Time for wild pagan dancing
Fiesty Lotus grins at Talia
Fiesty Lotus: Since long ago, we have planted our fields at Beltane.
The fields that lay fallow for months are now warm and waiting..

Druid Fiesty

Fiesty Lotus: The soil that was dormant for the winter now begs us to plant our seeds.
Fiesty Lotus: The earth is awakening and ripe, and this is a season of love and passion.
Fiesty Lotus: It is a season of fire.
Fitheach Eun: As our fires grow, lighting up the night sky, the fire within us grows stronger.
Fitheach Eun: It is the fire of lust and passion, knowing that like the earth, we too are fertile.
Fitheach Eun: Tonight, the lord of fire and light emerges from the forest. He is known by many names -
Fitheach Eun: he is Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, the Green Man, Helios, Apollo.
Fitheach Eun: He is one with the sun and the forest.
Fitheach Eun: Tonight is the night he will chase and capture the maiden, the mother.

Druid Fitheach

Fitheach Eun: She is the Queen of the May, Hera, Juno, Cerridwen, Danu, Brighid.
Fitheach Eun: She is the goddess of fertility, fields and flowers, she is mother earth herself.
Fiesty Lotus: We call on the elements to join our celebration of life.
Fiesty Lotus: Bring fertility to the land! Let the hunt begin!
Fiesty Lotus: Fire and passion, love and life, brought together as one.
Fiesty Lotus: She is the earth, the womb of all creation.
Within her, new life grows each year.
Fiesty Lotus: Water is her blood, air her breath, and fire is her spirit
Fitheach Eun: The lord of the forest gives her honor, and creates new life within her.
Fitheach Eun: He is the rutting stag, the seed, the energy of life.
Fitheach Eun: He is the mighty oak that grows in the forest; the fire of the waxing sun.
Fiesty Lotus: We welcome all the elements to our celebration of new life. We honor you, bringers of new life!
Fiesty Lotus: We raise the maypole in your honor to signify the beginning of growth.

Fae Talia 

Talia.Sunsong: Welcome!
Fitheach Eun: Does anyone present wish to contribute anything?
Talia.Sunsong: May Beltane bring us energy and spirit
Fiesty Lotus nods
Fiesty Lotus: The earth is once more growing new life within! May we be blessed with abundance this year!
Fiesty Lotus: The circle is broken, the rite is ended. Let us dance around the maypole and the fire of Beltane and celebrate all the new lives growing.

Dragon Savage (Svagtuz)

Fiesty Lotus smiles and grabs a cup of wine
Fitheach Eun puts down her staff and gets a goblet for herself
Talia.Sunsong: do we have a maypole?
Fitheach Eun: we do
Fitheach Eun: Come let us celebrate
Rorn: flies around the Maypole instead of dancing
Talia.Sunsong: yay it's pretty
Talia.Sunsong: dances with wild Fae May day abandon
Rorn: lands on the top of the Maypole
Talia.Sunsong: sings a Fae tune about running through the fields on May day

Dancing Around the Maypole

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Goddess of the Nile

The Portal's Runes are Glowing
Fitheach Eun stands at the portal and regards the glowing runes. “I think we should see where it goes?”
Everyone crowds through the portal and stops in astonishment. They are standing in front of a small house made from an unfamiliar material.
Fitheach Eun watches a large ship as it glides by
Talia.Sunsong: looks at a sphinx "Who is this cat guy"
Saphira Mistwalker: I don't know, they look like guardians
Talia.Sunsong: "They won't come alive, will they?"
Fitheach Eun: “I hope not”
Saphira Mistwalker: “I guess that depends on whether or not we do something wrong. Sometimes that triggers a magical guardian.”

Let's Go Inside?
Fitheach Eun: “Let’s go inside then.”
Fiesty Lotus stares at a picture of Cleopatra
Talia.Sunsong: "This woman with wings looks like a fairy"
Saphira Mistwalker: “Interesting pictures. Some of these people have skin as dark as mine”.
Fiesty Lotus: “Mighty interesten’ pictures”
Freedman Epaphroditus whispers: I think Egypt will become the Roman province of Aegyptus.
Fitheach Eun turns quickly: " Who spoke?"
Savage.Taurus: I'll bet there's a horde of gold around here
Fitheach Eun: look this one has the head of a hawk
Cleopatra Philopator: "I will not be triumphed over."
Saphira Mistwalker frowns. "That woman in the corner. I wonder what she meant by that?"
Fitheach Eun wanders off to look at the statue of a doglike figure
Saphira Mistwalker looks in wonder at the carvings on the wall.
Freedman Epaphroditus looks at Talia, and stops dead in his tracks, his mouth hanging open
Freedman Epaphroditus: "You, you, you..."
Talia.Sunsong: Talia looks at the man. "Me, me, me? What did I do now?"
Freedman Epaphroditus kneels before Talia. "My Goddess, in the flesh!"
Talia.Sunsong: "Me? Goddess?"
Saphira Mistwalker turns to the conversation, raising an eyebrow
Fitheach Eun walks back in just in time to hear that and stifles a laugh
Talia.Sunsong: She turns to look at her friends. "See I told you, the portal took us to a place where Fae are worshipped as gods."
Fiesty Lotus wrinkles her nose
Fitheach Eun shakes her head in disbelief
Savage.Taurus: smacks his head and rolls his eyes at the thought of anyone worshipping a fae
Freedman Epaphroditus looks at Talia. "Isis, you have come here to bless us!"

My Goddess in the Flesh
Saphira Mistwalker mutters under her breath, "Oh my goddess"
Freedman Epaphroditus whispers: Cleopatra has been planning a war of revenge to array all the East against Rome, establish herself as empress of the world at Rome, cast justice from Capitolium, and inaugurate a new universal kingdom.
Savage.Taurus: Your sis? She's not your sister, buddy.
Rorn peeks out at the man.
Freedman Epaphroditus continues. "And you bring your blessed friends from the land of the gods." He indicates the winged ones and other friends of Talia.
Savage.Taurus: mutters under his breath, "This guy is out of his mind"
Saphira Mistwalker nods, trying to keep up appearance. "That is right, we have accompanied your goddess to this place."
Savage.Taurus: whispers, "Now we have to pretend she's a goddess? I don't think I can stomach this"
Fitheach Eun looks at Savage and nods, rolling her eyes
Saphira Mistwalker shushes Savage, "Our other options might be less savory."
Talia.Sunsong: "Yes, yes. I AM a GODDESS."
Fitheach Eun sighs deeply
Talia.Sunsong: clears her throat and tries to look regal
Fiesty Lotus cringes
Saphira Mistwalker sighs and whispers, "I hope he doesn't want proof"
Savage.Taurus: "I think this guy might be savory," feels his mouth water
Talia.Sunsong: "I can do magic." She searches for her wand
Fitheach Eun: Perhaps we should look around?
Talia.Sunsong: "Yes, I GODDESS, will look around with my followers."
Freedman Epaphroditus whispers: She said "My honour was not yielded, but conquered merely."
Fiesty Lotus: Yes- Let's see what else is out here.
Talia.Sunsong: looks for cream
Savage.Taurus: speaks up, "Yea, man. She's your goddess. Can you point us to your treasure?"

Goddess Talia
Saphira Mistwalker: I'm sure our "Goddess" will want some offering.
Talia.Sunsong: "Yes, offer me lots of things, and cream."
Talia.Sunsong: "Pretty shiny things are good offerings too."
Fitheach Eun sighs again and walks back towards the door
Fiesty Lotus follows
Cleopatra Philopator whispers: Fool ! Don't you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you!
The door leads to a small harbor.
Fiesty Lotus: “Oh, what a lovely ship.”
Fitheach Eun: “It is quite lovely.”
Saphira Mistwalker: “These people build a lot of steps down into the water.”
Talia.Sunsong: “Makes me want to bathe.”
Saphira Mistwalker: “Maybe that is why, they like baths?”
Fitheach Eun: “Let's keep looking around?”

Talia Spies a Throne Room
Talia.Sunsong: “I see a throne room.”
Saphira Mistwalker follows Lady Fit
Fiesty Lotus: “These folks do live high.”
Saphira Mistwalker: “Aye, they do.”
Fitheach Eun: “These buildings are amazing.”
Saphira Mistwalker: “This took a lot of work.”
Savage.Taurus: “Yes, these surroundings are pleasing.”
Saphira Mistwalker: “Even a bigger dragon would be comfortable here.”
Talia make a beeline for the throne.

Talia Makes a Beeline for the Throne
Fiesty Lotus: “Talia, what you doin up there?”
Saphira Mistwalker mutters, "Probably something we will regret."
Fiesty Lotus nods miserably
Fitheach Eun: “Who is that man, Talia?”
Talia.Sunsong: "Don't Goddesses stand up here?"
Fiesty.Lotus: “Come down from there Fae Talia!”
Talia.Sunsong: looks at man with fan. "Fan me, I'm too hot... and bring me peeled grapes."
Saphira.Mistwalker sighs
The man with the fan stares open mouthed at the Fae.
Fiesty.Lotus moans
The temple attendant looks at Talia in dismay
Temple Attendant: “You cannot stand here, this is the temple of Horus”
Savage.Taurus: “How do you peel a grape?”
Talia.Sunsong: "I am the Goddess Isis made flesh.”
Talia.Sunsong: "I can stand where I want to stand."
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Horus? That would explain the big hawk.”

Peel Me a Grape
Fitheach.Eun: “uh oh....”
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Oh dear.”
Savage.Taurus: mutters, "Oh lord...."
Fiesty.Lotus: “Savage , we gotta get her outta here. She is going too far.”
The acolyte looks sternly at the fae: "That is nonsense. The goddess would not appear here in the lord's temple."
Savage.Taurus: sighs and rolls his eyes
Talia.Sunsong: "Bring me pretty shiny things... jewels, gold coins."
Saphira.Mistwalker: “My Lady Isis, perhaps we should depart.”
Talia.Sunsong: "I want boxes and boxes of treasure."
Savage.Taurus: “ wait, maybe she's onto something.”
Talia.Sunsong: "I want gold goblets filled with cream!"
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Oh geez.”
The acolyte stammers: "This is his sacred precinct"
Savage.Taurus: “I say let her play this out.”
Talia.Sunsong: "I am the GODDESS do my bidding."
Fiesty.Lotus: “It will not turn out good fer any of us...”
Savage.Taurus: shrugs, "What's there to lose?"
Talia.Sunsong: grabs the man's fan. "Fan me!"
Fiesty.Lotus: “Uh Oh”
The acolyte lifts his hands to the statue of the god beseeching

The Eye of Horus
Suddenly a glowing eye appears
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Um, Lady Isis ....”
Talia.Sunsong: "What, what?"
Savage.Taurus: whispers, "Who did that? Did one of you do that?"
Talia.Sunsong: "Eeeps, what is that?"
The eye hovers above Talia and a deep voice booms out: "You have no place here. Leave my temple now."
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Perhaps we should leave your, um, brother Horus in peace?”
Talia.Sunsong: "Me? Leave?"
Fiesty.Lotus nods vigorously
The eye moves closer threatening
Talia.Sunsong: "No cream or treasure?"
Savage.Taurus looks around for the source of the voice
The voice booms again: "Leave now!!!"
Talia.Sunsong: jumps
Talia.Sunsong: "Ok, ok, I'm leaving!"
Saphira.Mistwalker hisses in surprise, "I think we have worn out our welcome."
Fitheach.Eun: “Yes, let's go now.”
Fiesty.Lotus: “Ayup”
Talia.Sunsong: gallops down the steps

Getting Out Fast
Saphira.Mistwalker looks back, hoping they are not being followed.
Talia.Sunsong: runs to the barge
Talia.Sunsong: "Uh oh, that was close. What was that glowing thing?"
Fitheach.Eun: “The god Horus, I think.”
Saphira.Mistwalker nods. "I sensed a powerful presence.”
Talia.Sunsong: "You mean he's real?"
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Apparently here he is.”
Fitheach.Eun: “It would appear so.”
Talia.Sunsong: "I hope I'm not in trouble...."
Fiesty.Lotus looks up at Fae Talia sitting on the Barge’s throne "Some things never change"
Saphira.Mistwalker: “I hate to ask, but, when we arrived, I did not see a portal back. How do we get home?”
Savage.Taurus: “For a bunch of magic users, you all are easily impressed by a few simple glamours.”
Talia.Sunsong: "Oh no, I didn't think about getting back."
Fitheach.Eun: “Let's go back to where we landed; I think that doorway was the portal.”
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Oh, Savage, it is the nature of my people to want to stay out of sight. It has nothing to do with being impressed.”
Fitheach.Eun: “Let' go back where we landed?”
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Aye Lady Fit, I think we should.”
Talia.Sunsong: "Phoeey to angry gods. I was having fun." She crosses her arms over her chest.
Fitheach.Eun studies the doorway: “Savage, what do you see in this portal?”
Savage.Taurus: “I'm not completely convinced that was a god. Probably just a trick the priests use to scare off honest hardworking treasure hunters.”
Saphira.Mistwalker: “Well, I certainly sensed a powerful presence, god or no.”

Through the Portal
Talia.Sunsong: "I want to go back and be a GODDESS!"
Saphira.Mistwalker: And from this we learned, some people are not impressed if you claim to be a goddess
Fitheach.Eun: “Savage, we need to get out of here, please describe the runes.”
Savage.Taurus: "Hmm..." adjusts his spectacles and takes a peak at the doorway, twisting and turning the gears, " well, there are runes here.."
Savage.Taurus: takes a stick and draws in the sand the glowing markings that he sees floating about the portal
Fitheach.Eun builds each rune in the arch as Savage draws them
Saphira.Mistwalker watches hopefully as Lady Fitheach constructs a portal.
Fitheach.Eun: When the last one is complete they begin to glow
Saphira.Mistwalker breathes a sigh of relief.
Fitheach.Eun: “Ok let's go”
Fiesty.Lotus: “Hmm, I do gotta study them runes"
Fitheach.Eun: run...
Savage.Taurus: follows the fae nanny through the portal

Back to the Airship at Last

The Portal Fiesty Lotus: “Oh my, that there were an experience.” Fiesty Lotus: “I ain’t never seen a goddess before.” Fitheach Eun...