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It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

Talia Sunsong feels a slight tremor in the ground. Fiesty Lotus: goes up to her triumphant Druid sister "I think I would like to go back to the ship." Fitheach Eun nods weakly, "So would I." A putrid odor wafts down the street. Saphira Mistwalker backs up and hisses. Fiesty Lotus: looks around worriedly Fitheach Eun:turns to look and mutters: “Oh great, another one." A long hairy leg steps out from behind a building. Then another leg and another followed by a hideous face with multiple eyes over mouth with fangs as big as an arm. Fiesty Lotus backs up and wearily pulls out her staff again Fitheach Eun raises an eyebrow: "Where do they get these creatures?" Saphira Mistwalker hisses. "I detest spiders. They're not even that good to eat." Fitheach Eun raises her hands wearily calling for more lightning, but the power flow is weaker.
Talia Sunsong: opens her mouth to scream and no sound comes out. She backs away, stumbling over a fallen creep. Savage T…

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